Saturday, April 27, 2013

Putting Out Origami Owl Fires (byline: Growing Pains)

I fear there is going to be a lot of backlash from frustrated designers and negative people.  Origami Owl is a new company and going through some growing pains.  I agree they may not have thought out the process of launching a new party tab, doing it at the same time they changed shipping rates, launched new products and did this all right before Mother's Day (a huge jewelry business holiday).  But it is what it is, and we're having to navigate the mine field as best we can as designers while keeping a professional and positive attitude.

I'm constantly amazed at people who don't know how to "Push away from the keyboard" and think before posting negative comments.  Listen, I found myself vascilating from tears to shouting at my monitor when trying to close out my launch party the other day.  The new cart was not functioning quickly enough, everyone was on line at one time trying to place their orders with the new line, new catalogs, new reduced shipping and new hostess rewards all being released at once.  I had to put in my party from scratch at least twice and still was having issues applying the new shipping.  All of my items are still sitting in a posted (aka not yet shipped) status and I'm hoping everything will get here and be ironed out for my party next weekend.

Guess what? I can't control this.  I did my part. I had my party, sold my jewelry and put in my order.  Murphy's law intervened and we have a shopping cart feature that probably should have been beta tested a lot more before releasing it into the wild, and a dock strike causing back ordered and delayed products.  The Nest has temporarily shut down the ordering process and will be reverting to the old cart along with the old hostess reward system until it can be fixed.  To be quite frank, it totally sucks!  But again, there is NOTHING I can do, and being negative and leaving snitty remarks on message boards is going to do more to damage your credibility than the actual issues at hand.

When I couldn't get my shipping to work out, I posted some questions to my up line and the forum. Everyone was experiencing problems.  Huge wait times at the Nest were being reported and I wasn't sure what to do. Guess what I did.  I told myself, the world will not end if I don't get this order placed today.  I took a deep breath. I went and watched some T.V., I came back later and placed my order.  I don't know when I'll get the order. I don't know if I'll even get all of my order (based on some orders having been delivered without newly back ordered items or half orders missing), but again... Nothing... I.... can.... do....

Remember one thing... Nothing is forever.  This too shall pass.

If I need to explain to my customers that there were IT problems at O2, I will. I don't think there is a SINGLE one of my customers who has not experienced some sort of IT nightmare in their lifetime.

Origami Owl is a professional company and are certainly working hard to get this all sussed out.  They're new and they're learning (I know that sounds like a cop out but it's true).  They're going to fix this, we'll move on and look back and the hell that was the month of April and say, "Wow we made it through that."  The question is, will you be proud of how you handled yourself?


  1. I 100% agree, Kim! Thank you for your positivity and keeping it real, it's not the end of the world. Other companies have gone through worse in their beginnings, what makes us so special? It SHOULD be our desire to be a FORCE FOR GOOD, not negativity and panic when things go wrong...and something will ALWAYS go wrong, have we not learned that by now as human beings from life in general? Life goes on, and the more we focus on whatever positives are there (and there's ALWAYS something), the happpier and more at peace we will be :) God Bless! Olivia Flanagan

  2. Thanks for this Kim! We all need to read this! Take a deep breath and BE PATIENT!!! It is stressful as we all know, but with a new company, heck with any company, things will not be perfect. My husband told me this morning that his company has issues all the time with something not working properly or shutting down and causing all kinds of issues (engineering) and like you said, he said "There's nothing you can do about it. It sucks but you just have to wait it out". Im very positive we will ALL get through this...Im excited about the future and i LOVED the new tab, just needs to be tweaked a bit thats all! (I closed a party yesterday)

  3. Good Job, Kim! I love this company and an kind of looking at it like a child taking it's first steps - there is going to be a lot of wobbling, but everyone learns to walk eventually and O2 will learn too. I don't want to put negative thoughts out there - positive only (no matter how difficult that might be at times). We just need to stick together and support each other and the Nest will make it right!

  4. for being such a new company, their service sucks! Customer service has the "I dont really care" attitude. They are short on the phone, not helpful at all and when you ask for a supervisor, guess what, "THEY ARE ALL IN A MEETING". They must meet a lot. Maybe first thing on their next meeting should be "how to treat a customer with respect". No. I will not waste my money or time. One thing is to have a few hicups here and there, but there is NO EXCUSE for rude and poor customer service.

  5. Cubanitatb, I can certainly appreciate your frustration and I agree that customer service is KEY. Can I ask, did your designer get in touch with her up-line after your bad experience with customer service? I ask this because one of the issues the company encountered with the unexpected growth (figure being given two years worth of work and expected to complete it in one month) was the need to immediately hire on a multitude of customer service workers. Unfortunately, they were not properly trained to Origami Owl's standards and expectations. I had a similar issue with one of my customers who contacted Customer Service. I immediately got in touch with my up-line and was contacted by Designer Care right away who reached out to my customer and provided her the proper service she deserved. My customer was very pleased with how it was handled and with the outcome.

    When I spoke with this Designer Care person, she said they had been made aware of some problems in customer service and the entire week they were doing some extensive retraining of the newly hired customer service representatives.

    I am so sorry you had a bad experience. I know it's frustrating, but if you give your designer the opportunity, I do believe you'd be happy with the results.